We offer various design and supervision services incorporating Ainu patterns and Ainu crafts. Since Nibutani Works has both Ainu and designers on staff, we are able to provide high quality designs under the supervision of the Ainu. For example, “We want to put an Ainu design on our brand logo or products, but we are not sure if we can use it without permission,” “We want to incorporate the Ainu language into our brand name,” “We want to put a wooden carving of an Ainu design on a part of our interior design,” or whatever the case may be. Please feel free to contact us.

Production and supervision of Ainu patterns

We produce and supervise the production of original Ainu designs. We can design Ainu designs for brand logos, product packaging, uniforms, and other items as requested. We can also provide supervision if you are already using an Ainu design but would like to confirm that there are no problems. If there is any discrepancy, we can propose an alternative plan.

Proposal and supervision of Ainu language

If you wish to incorporate the Ainu language into your brand or product name, we can suggest candidate Ainu words and supervise their usage and spelling to ensure that they are correct. Since some words in the Ainu language may have negative connotations, we will make a judgment based on a thorough understanding of the client’s intentions, and in some cases, we will propose not only the Ainu language but also a coined word that combines the Ainu language with Japanese or English.

Planning and development of products incorporating Ainu patterns and crafts

We plan and develop products incorporating Ainu patterns and crafts. We can also undertake long-term projects from the planning stage. For example, we can produce souvenirs for lodging facilities, interior goods, collaborate with apparel brands, or even produce custom-made wood carvings for individual customers. The Ainu craftsmen, product designers, graphic designers, and others work as a team to create the product, as needed.

Lecture by Representative Kayano

It is also possible to speak at lectures on the Ainu language and culture. Depending on the scale of the event, it may also be possible to perform at traditional dance and music events, so please consult with us first.

Other necessary design production.

Along with Ainu patterns and product proposals, we can also design pamphlets, POP, stickers, websites, etc. as needed.

About the Logo and Certification Code

Upon request, we will provide a logo mark and certification code as proof that Nibutani Works was involved in the development and supervision of the product. This can be used to protect your intellectual property and enhance your brand value, as Ainu was properly involved in the supervision of the product.

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Nibutani Works provides consultation on the utilization of Ainu culture and crafts,
no matter how large or small.
Please feel free to contact us first.