Introducing young craftsmen and artists active in Nibutani. Each of them has their own specialties such as wood carving and illustrations of Ainu patterns, and they cooperate with Nibutani Works to create a variety of products.

Tomoya Okamoto
woodcarver 岡本 朋也 Tomoya Okamoto

Born in Urakawa Town.Studied wood carving techniques at the Ainu Folk Culture Foundation’s “Fostering the Traditions” program, which nurtures bearers of Ainu culture from Ainu ethnic families.Currently, as a member of the Nibutani Community Development Cooperation Team, he is honing his woodcarving skills while also creating his own artwork.His future dream is to open his own craft store under the name “Fushiko Mingei,” the same name as the folk craft store of his grandfather, the late Koshichi, who once ran a folk craft store in Urakawa Town.

Daiki Hiramura
woodcarver 平村 太幹 Daiki Hiramura

Born in Biratori Town. Employed by the Biratori Town Ainu Culture Promotion Public Corporation. He fell in love with wood carving when he started working, and joined the Nibutani Folk Art Association in 2022. As a young artist, he is engaged in creating works of traditional Ainu crafts.
2022: Selected for the “2022 Ainu Craft Works Contest” sponsored by the Foundation
2023: Excellence Prize, “2023 Ainu Craft Works Contest
Grand Prize at the 55th Hokkaido Ainu Traditional Craft Exhibition

Designer and illustrator of patterns sayo

Born in Otaru City. She creates designs combining illustrations and embroidery with Ainu patterns and Ainu language on the theme of the Ainu people, and has been writing a calendar of animals closely related to the Ainu since 2013 and “Mintara” introducing Ainu culture in the Hokkaido Shimbun’s “Weekly Manabun” since 2016.

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