Regional Branding and Utilization of Ainu Culture

Since we started our activities as Nibutani Works, we have often heard companies say, “We have avoided using Ainu culture because we thought it should not be used without permission.For companies wishing to incorporate Ainu culture, we will propose new ways to utilize Ainu culture with Ainu involvement.

It is an undeniable fact that in past history, the Japanese and Ainu have had an antagonistic relationship and that there has been serious discrimination by the Japanese.While it is understandable that people are somewhat reluctant to enter the market because of the historical background, it would be a shame if people living in this day and age are not able to enter the market because of this “somewhat” feeling.The Ainu spirit of taking good care of nature and living creatures, and the beautiful Ainu patterns that have been nurtured in the course of daily life…These Ainu cultures are precious assets of the Ainu people that have been passed down uninterrupted throughout their painful history.We believe that our mission is to pass on the Ainu culture to the next generation while making good use of it in society.

Nibutani Works will actively support the incorporation of Ainu culture into corporate and regional branding by bringing together Ainu and Sapporo creators as one team.
We will be the intermediary to eliminate concerns and create a one-of-a-kind creative.We are looking forward to receiving requests from everyone who can work positively with the feeling of strongly supporting Ainu culture in the future.