cipsanke / 2023 cipsanke event t-shirt production

T-shirts to learn about Ainu culture

Nibutani Works produced and sold original limited edition T-shirts in conjunction with “Chipsanke,” a traditional Ainu event held once a year in Nibutani, Biratori Town.(Click here for a more detailed explanation of Cipsanke)The concept is “T-shirts that let you learn about Ainu culture.
The front has a design of the Ainu word “Chipsanke” and the image of a chippu (round wooden boat) and waves, and by reading the QR code at the neck of the back, you can jump to the explanation page of Chipsanke and learn about the Ainu culture.This was our first event stall as Nibutani Works, and we received positive feedback from locals and tourists alike, who commented that they were happy because there had been no goods to commemorate the event until now, and that the Ainu language design was cute.In addition, with the help of illustrator sayo, we designed and sold several types of T-shirts for the event stall.

  • Date  2023
  • Client In-house business
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  • Credit
  • Graphic Designer:NIBUTANI WORKS
  • Pattern Designer :NIBUTANI WORKS / sayo