ramgu / Launch of own brand “ramgu

Ainu wood carving as a familiar tool for daily life

“ramgu” is a brand of lifestyle tools created by Nibutani Works Inc. with young craftsmen in Nibutani.
Under the concept of “Kokoro Dwells in Tools,” ramgu will convey the richness of the spirit (Kokoro) of the Ainu people, who believed that even tools made by humans have souls, and painstakingly carved and embroidered wood on any item they made.This project aims to increase the number of artisans who make Ainu crafts and foster the bearers of traditional Ainu skills by commercializing Ainu crafts again as modern daily necessities.As an in-house brand, we handled branding from the ground up, including concept-making, logo design, art direction, product design, web design, and graphic design.In October 2022, the brand debuted with a month-long crowdfunding campaign, which was a success with 134% of the goal achieved.

▼Read more about crowdfunding here.

  • Date  2022
  • Client In-house business
  • Links  https://ramgu.jp/
  • Credit
  • Art Director :NIBUTANI WORKS
  • Copy Writer:NIBUTANI WORKS
  • Pattern Designer :Tomoya Okamoto / Daiki Hiramura
  • Wood Carver:Tomoya Okamoto / Daiki Hiramura
  • Photo:Koichi Ono