Made to order for Kokoro no Resort Umi no Villa FURUKAWA

Created original platters for serving food

We received an order from “Kokoro no Resort Umi no Villa FURUKAWA”, a hot spring inn in Shiraoi, and produced 20 originally designed wooden carved platters.
The order was for a platter 30 cm in diameter for serving food.The traditional Nibutani ita is carved entirely in wood, making it difficult to use as a cooking plate as it is, so this time, the rim of the plate is carved in wood to complement the beautiful Ainu design of the food.The width and thickness of the rim, the depth and weight of the plate, and other details were fine-tuned to create a sturdy, luxurious finish.
The patterns were designed and carved by young craftsmen Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Hiramura, who also work on ramgu products, and a total of six beautiful Ainu patterns were carved.he result is a product that is uniquely Nibutani Works, preserving Ainu traditions while updating them to modern specifications.

  • Date  2023
  • Client Kokoro no Resort Umi no Villa FURUKAWA
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  • Product Designer:NIBUTANI WORKS
  • Pattern Designer :Tomoya Okamoto / Daiki Hiramura
  • Wood Carver:Tomoya Okamoto / Daiki Hiramura